October 23, 2017

Announcing Inverse Futures


On 29 October 2017, 9 am UTC, we are pushing a platform update that changes some characteristics of our Futures, Turbos and Indices in order to enable smaller trade sizes, boost liquidity and provide a smoother trading experience:

  • all USD-denominated Futures and Turbos are re-listed as inverse contracts
  • the contract size of XBT:USD contracts changes from 1 bitcoin to 1 USD
  • the contract size of XRP:USD contracts changes from 10,000 XRP to 1 USD
  • the contract size of XRP:XBT contracts changes from 10,000 XRP to 1 XRP
  • the XRP indices change from representing 10,000 XRP to 1 XRP
  • tick sizes are adjusted to 4 relevant digits

Please review the detailed description of the changes here.

On the day of the update,

  • all open orders are cancelled
  • all open positions are converted into the new contract types

The change does not affect your profit or loss if you have open positions at the time of the change.

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