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Insured Blockchain Settlement

Insured Blockchain Settlement

  • Your bitcoin balance is insured by an A-rated, Fortune 100 underwriter - powered by
  • Verify your portfolio value on the blockchain at any time
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Digital Asset Trading & Hedging

Digital Asset Trading & Hedging

  • Trade digital assets through our regulated Futures
  • Go long & short with up to 50x leverage
  • Hedge your price risk
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Secure Transparent Market

Secure Transparent Market

  • Established and operating out of London
  • Secure & robust real-time margining system
  • No central counterparty, no central point of failure

ContractDTMLastTime% Chg 24 HVol 24 H% PremiumBidAskStatusSpecs
F-XBT:USD-Oct16-W5 2657.4923:45:000.114271.3660.43661.03A
F-XBT:USD-Nov16-W1 9663.0402:03:320.58839.0663.74664.56A
F-XBT:USD-Dec16 51672.9121:52:06-0.41619.3674.63676.00A
F-XBT:USD-Mar17 142704.2506:46:280.1219.2704.36709.14A
F-XBT:USD-Jun17 233731.5909:20:07-0.2318.3731.62737.49A
ContractDTMLastTime% Chg 24 HVol 24 H% PremiumBidAskStatusSpecs
T-XBT:USD-Oct16-W5 2654.1323:32:44-0.711159.9659.90660.49A
T-XBT:USD-Nov16-W1 9661.8200:59:23-0.616033.0662.79663.44A
ContractDTMLastTime% Chg 24 HVol 24 H% PremiumBidAskStatusSpecs
F-XRP:XBT-Oct16-W5 20.134821:54:20-0.97546.40.13500.1353A
F-XRP:XBT-Nov16-W1 90.135422:36:110147.00.13570.1362A
F-XRP:XBT-Dec16 510.142710:15:420.01227.30.13860.1393A
F-XRP:XBT-Mar17 1420.149612:52:5009.90.14380.1451A
F-XRP:XBT-Jun17 2330.153508:20:51017.60.14720.1493A
ContractDTMLastTime% Chg 24 HVol 24 H% PremiumBidAskStatusSpecs
F-XRP:USD-Oct16-W5 290.7707:11:151.24520.789.0989.41A
F-XRP:USD-Nov16-W1 988.9715:11:500.412630.889.6590.02A
F-XRP:USD-Dec16 5192.6917:46:24022.791.7092.25A
F-XRP:USD-Mar17 14293.0019:52:10-3.52515.794.1195.10A
F-XRP:USD-Jun17 233107.8112:25:100.01329.4104.92106.82A

CME CF Bitcoin Reference Rate | CME CF Bitcoin Real Time Index

CME Group and Crypto Facilities are proud to announce CME CF Bitcoin Reference Rate (BRR) and CME CF Bitcoin Real Time Index (RTI), a standardized reference rate and spot price index with independent oversight to help accelerate the professionalization of bitcoin trading and further establish digital assets as a new asset class. Beta testing for both BRR and RTI will begin in mid-September 2016, with expected launch in the fourth quarter of 2016.

Read the full press release here. Find more information about the BRR and RTI and register your interest here.