November 28, 2017

Announcing New Trading Fee Schedule


We have revised our trading fee schedule, which now features reduced taker fees and a significant fee rebate for makers:

Taker : 0.05% (5 basis points) of notional order value (previously 0.08%)

Maker: -0.03% (-3 basis points) of notional order value (previously 0.00%)

Date Effective: 28 November 2017, 6 p.m. UTC

When am I a Taker, when am I a Maker?

If you submit an order that crosses the order book and is immediately matched, you pay the taker fee. If you submit an order that first sits in the order book before it is matched, you receive the maker rebate.

How are Settlements, Liquidations and Terminations treated?

  • Positions that are settled in final settlement are treated as taker.
  • Liquidations are treated as taker.
  • Terminations are treated as taker for the party causing the termination, and fees for the other party are 0.

Can I transfer out my Maker rebates?

Yes. Any Maker rebate you receive is immediately credited to your cash balance, i.e. is not just an offset towards future fees.

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